Stage 6 release - exclusive private land parcels with stunning views.

If you’re quick, you can purchase one of these prime Lonsdale Shores allotments in “Old Lonsdale” and secure a wonderful future in this much-sought-after coastal village. Just 350 metres from the spectacular Ocean Beach, and within easy walking distance to the Bay Beach, shops, cafes and sporting facilities, it’s the perfect position to build your dream home. Plus you’ll soon have easy access to the superb new Clubhouse, which will offer fine dining, cocktails and coffee – right on your doorstop.

But don’t delay, Lonsdale Shores is now a well-established community and the Stage 6 release is a never-to-be-repeated opportunity. With superb elevated positions and amazing golf-course views, they’re sure to sell fast.

There’s a generous range of sizes and orientations available (including single or multiple-dwelling allotments), and prices range from $550,000 to $1,198,000.

All allotments provide a number of essential services ready for connection. These include NBN, fully constructed vehicle crossovers,
underground drainage, and building and landscape design guidelines to protect your investment.

If you’d like to know more, contact any of our agents for further information.

But remember – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

JUST RELEASED 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 611, 612, 613, 614, 615 & 616


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LOT 311: 15m x 40m x 15m x 40m - 600 square metres
LOT 511: 14.91m x 48.22m x 17.01m x 38.89 x 18.6m - 963 square metres
LOT 601: 43.8m x 37.15x 33.7m - 856 square metres
LOT 602: 16.93m x 35.67m x 6.75m x 19.58m 37.15m - 835 square metres
LOT 603: 11.26m x 32m x 27.02m x 35.67m - 612 square metres
LOT 604: 14m x 32m x 14m x 32m - 448 square metres
LOT 605: 14m x 32m x 14m x 32m - 448 square metres
LOT 606: 14m x 32m x 14m x 32m - 448 square metres

LOT 607: 21.65m x 7.09m x 32m x 18.48 x 11.98m - 617 square metres
LOT 608: 36.39m x 34m x 13.14m x 35.64m x 7.09 - 924 square metres
LOT 611: 31m x 18m x 34m x 15m - 608 square metres
LOT 612: 16m x 47.33m x 21.11m x 61.14m - 867 square metres
LOT 613: 15.42m x 34m x 20.38 x 47.33 - 627 square metres
LOT 614: 19.58m x 34m x 19.58m x 34m - 666 square metres
LOT 615: 22m x 33m x 22m x 33m - 726 square metres
LOT 616: 21m x 33m x 21m x 33m - 693 square metres