Extraordinary savings on Lonsdale Shores allotments in the month of May – starting from $585,000.

During these unprecedented times of social restriction, the opportunity to broaden your future horizons while making some truly significant savings on prime land in “Old Lonsdale”, is surely one of the year’s outstanding good-news stories.

But don’t delay.

This rare and exciting offer of discounted premium blocks at Lonsdale Shores is limited to the month of May, 2020.

Lot 511, (963 square metres), normally priced at $900,000 has been reduced to $850,000 – a saving of $50,000.

Lot 603, (612 square metres), normally priced at $857,000 has been reduced to $787,000 – a saving of $70,000.

While Lot 604, (448 square metres) has been discounted from $627,000 to $585,000 – a saving of $42,000.

Importantly, Lot 511 and Lot 603 are exceptionally large blocks with additional incentives.

Lot 511 comes with an exclusive design imagined by leading architects Baenziger Coles, that captures the character of the new golf course landscape with a stunning two-storey, four-bedroom home. Taking full advantage of its northern orientation, it has its own swimming pool, while to the west and south, spectacular green-wedge views are the focus of the first-floor family living space. (Watch the video link below.)

Alternatively, Lot 603’s generous size offers the real possibility of multiple dwellings. So development options are only limited by your imagination, and the savings can allow you to push your boundaries even further.

While Lot 604 has outstanding views to the west and south, with tantalising glimpses of Lake Victoria and the ocean sand dunes.

All three blocks enjoy spectacular elevated vistas across the newly renovated golf course, and are within easy walking distance of the new clubhouse – which, once completed, promises to be an outstanding social hub for both members and the broader community.

But remember, once they’re gone, they’re gone.



Architects Baenziger Coles’ brilliantly-imagined view from a first-floor lounge.

Above is the thrilling panorama from Lot 511 at Lonsdale Shores – the very last land parcel available from our Stage 5 release.

Leading architects, Baenziger Coles, have designed a stunning two-storey, four-bedroom home that takes full advantage of the northern orientation of the generous 56-metre deep block, and stunning views of the new golf course to the west and south.

So that you can further imagine the potential of this exclusive luxury home design, Baenziger Coles have created an animated “fly-through” video that you can watch below.

We trust that this will help you imagine what you could create for your dream holiday home, or your permanent residence.

Lot 511-Lonsdale-Shores-back
Lot 511-Lonsdale-Shores-Concept-View-6_20200313Lot 511-Lonsdale-Shores-Concept-ipad
Lot 511-Lonsdale-Shores_front
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EXTRAORDINARY SAVINGS ON LOTS  511, 603 & 604 (May only)



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Architect: drc@lonsdalegc.com.au


LOT 511: 14.91m x 48.22m x 17.01m x 38.89 x 18.6m - 963 square metres
LOT 601: 43.8m x 37.15x 33.7m - 856 square metres
LOT 602: 16.93m x 35.67m x 6.75m x 19.58m 37.15m - 835 square metres
LOT 603: 11.26m x 32m x 27.02m x 35.67m - 612 square metres
LOT 604: 14m x 32m x 14m x 32m - 448 square metres

LOT 607: 21.65m x 7.09m x 32m x 18.48 x 11.98m - 617 square metres
LOT 608: 36.39m x 34m x 13.14m x 35.64m x 7.09 - 924 square metres
LOT 612: 16m x 47.33m x 21.11m x 61.14m - 867 square metres
LOT 615: 22m x 33m x 22m x 33m - 726 square metres