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Point Lonsdale retains a size and intimacy that means you are within easy walking distance of just about everything you need. From your position at Lonsdale Shores adjacent to the golf course, if you head east you’ll soon reach the superb Bay Beach with its bustling strip of shops, cafes and restaurants – and simply one of the best coastal views in the world.

Or walk just 350 metres south and you’ll find yourself on the fabulous Ocean Beach, home to year-round dedicated surfers and rock-pool enthusiasts. From here you can walk to the famous lighthouse and the popular fishing jetty at the entrance to the heads.

And all around are welcoming sporting facilities including golf, tennis, and lawn bowls - plus endless bicycle tracks that meander through the tea trees to spectacular local vantage points.

Life here is refreshingly unhurried and also offers easy access to the Bellarine’s growing gourmet food and wine regions. Plus it provides an ideal starting point to explore the wonders of the Great Ocean Road.

So it’s not difficult to understand what they mean by “Live. Love. Lonsdale.” 

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